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Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 14, 2015 Legal Nurse Consultant Positions

Work from Home - Legal Nurse Consultant.  See Zurich for details.

Baton Rouge, LA - RN Consultant Sr.  See Sedgwick for more info.

Glendale, CA - Legal Nurse Consultant.  See Dignity Health for information.

Naples, FL - Nurse Paralegal.  See Wicker Smith for more info.

West Palm Beach, FL - Nurse Paralegal.  See Legal Search Solutions for info.

Springfield, IL - Nurse Paralegal.  See Hel Royster for information.

Dallas, TX - Nurse (Medical Records Review).  See Adams & Martin Group for info.

Lake Success, NY - Nurse Paralegal.  See Shaub, Ahmuty, Citrin & Spratt for details.

Topeka, KS - RN Medical Records Manager (Legal Nurse).  See KaMMCO for information. 

Cleveland, TN - Legal Nurse Investigator.  See CareerBuilder for details. 

Cleveland, OH - Nurse Consultant. See Bonezzi Switzer for info.

Beaverton, OR - Nurse Reviewer.  See Craig's List for information.

Houston, TX - Legal Nurse Consultant.  See The Marker Group for details. 

Nationwide - Legal Nurse Consultant.  See FSA for details.

Boca Raton, FL - Nurse Paralegal.  See Grossman Roth for info. 

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL - Legal Nurse Consultant.  Click here for details.

Chicago, IL - Legal Nurse.  See Law Office of Neil H. Good for details.

Chicago, IL - Nurse Paralegal.  See Robert Half Legal for information.

Chicago, IL - Legal Nurse.  See Salvi, Schostok & Prichard for information.

New Haven, CT - Nurse Paralegal.  See Craig's List for information. 

New Orleans, LA - Nurse Paralegal.  See Craig's List for more information.

Virtual Position, USA - Legal Nurse Consultant / Nurse Reviewer - See Zurich for details.

Washington, DC - Nurse Paralegal.  See Craig's List for information.

Scottsdale, AZ - Nurse Consultant. See Farmers for details. 

San Francisco, CA - Registered Nurse Consultant.  See Argo Group for details. 

Columbus, OH - Nurse Paralegal.  See Robert Half Legal for information. 

Tucson, AZ - Nurse Paralegal. See CraigsList for information.

Springfield, IL - Nurse Paralegal.  See PerioriaHelpWanted for details. 

Humble, TX - Legal Nurse Consultant.  See JL Ferguson & Associates for info.

Saint Petersburg, FL - Nurse Paralegal.  See All Legal Staff for details.

Wilmington, DE - Nurse Paralegal.  See Career Builder for details.

Little Rock, AR - Legal Nurse Consultant/Paralegal.  See All About Staffing for more info.   

Tampa, FL - RN Paralegal.  See McCumber Daniels for details.

North Reading, MA - Medical Analyst.  See ISO Claims Partners for information,

Kansas City, MO - Nurse Analyst.  See Shook, Hardy & Bacon for info.

Warsaw, IN - Legal Nurse.  See Indeed for details.

Miami, FL - Nurse Paralegal.  See Solomon Search Group for more info.

Miami, FL - Nurse Consultant.  See Hire Counsel for info.  

Miami, FL - Nurse Paralegal.  See Bullhorn Reach for information.

Miami, FL - Nurse Paralegal.  See Quinteros, Prieto, Wood & Boyer for info.

Miami -  Legal Nurse Consultant.  See Yami at Fowler White for details.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Nurse/Paralegal.  See Wicker Smith for details. 

Charlotte, NC - Medical Record Review Nurse.  See Garretson Resolution Group for information.

White Plains, NY - Legal Nurse Consultant.  See Wilson Elser for more info.

Stamford, CT - Legal Nurse Consultant.  See Wilson Elser for information. 

Buffalo, NY - Nurse Paralegal.  See KRG for details.

 Orlando, FL - Nurse Consultant.  See Haliczer Pettis for information.

Newark, NJ - Nurse Paralegal.  See The Execusearch Group for details. 

Jackson, MIS - Medical/Nurse Paralegal.  See Craig's List for info.

Jacksonville, FL - Paralegal (Nurse). See Thrivas for details.  

Los Angeles, CA - Legal Nurse Consultant.  See Dignity Health for details.

Charleston, SC - Nurse Legal Consultant.  See LSJ for info. 

New York City, NY - Legal Nurse Consultant.  See Monster for information. 

New York City, NY - Legal Nurse Consultant.  See Nadine Bocelli for information. 

New York City, NY -  Nurse Paralegal.  See Diamond Personnel for details.

New York City, NY - Nurse Paralegal.  See Major Lindsey & Africa for information.

Denver, CO - Nurse Paralegal.  See Special Counsel for more info.

Denver, CO - Nurse Paralegal. See Bradsby Group for details.  

Denver, CO - Nurse Paralegal.  See LAC Group for information.

Alpharetta, GA - Legal Nurse Paralegal/Consultant. See ARG for information. 

 Nashville, TN - Nurse Paralegal.  See Hire Counsel for info.

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