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Sunday, December 9, 2012

12/9/12 - Legal Nurse and Nurse Paralegal Positions

Austin, TX - Legal Nurse Consultant.  See Bowman and Brooke for details.

South Palm Beach County, FL - Legal Nurse Consultant. See Craig's List for more information.

Miami, FL - Nurse Paralegal.  See Bright for more info.

Columbus, OH - Nurse Paralegal.  See Express for details.

Saint Petersburg, FL - Legal Nurse Consultant.  See All Legal Staff for more info.

Columbus, GA - Nurse Paralegal.  See Legal Career Network for information.

Mahwah, NJ - Nurse Paralegal.  See PeterSanLegalTemps for details.

Denver, CO - RN Paralegal.  See Endevis for more information.

Dallas, TX - Nurse Legal Analyst.  See Children's Medical Center for information.

Kansas City, MO - Nurse Consultant.  See Hire Counsel for details.

New Orleans, LA - Legal Nurse Consultant.  See Special Counsel for information.

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