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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jun 24, 2012 Nurse Paralegal and LNC Positions

West Palm Beach - Medical Malpractice (Nurse) Paralegal -See Appleone for information,

Atlanta, GA - Legag Nurse Consultant - See Jobserve for details.

Toledo, OH - Nurse Paralegal - See Kitch Durtchas Wagner and Valitutt for information.

New Orleans, LA - Nurse Paralegal - see Strategic Recruitment Solutions for details.

Brea, C - Nurse Paralegal - See CNA for information.

New Orleans, LA - RN Paralegal - Temp Plaintiff for mass tort.  See Special Counsel for information.

San Francisco - CA - Legal Nurse Consultant.  See Dignity Health for details.

Kansas City, MO - Legal Nurse Consultant.  See QualStaff Resources for information.

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